EMAN 2009: Environmental Accounting—Sustainable Development Indicators

April 23-24, 2009 (Thursday-Friday)
Prague, the Czech Republic

About the Conference

EMAN 2009: Environmental Accounting and Sustainable Development Indicators coincided with the Czech Republic's presidency of the European Union. It was the 12th conference in the series of annual events promoted by the EMAN-EU network. It was also the 5th EA-SDI Conference organized by Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem represented by its rector Iva Ritschelova on the theme of environmental accounting and sustainable development.

Conference Mission

Following the traditions of the previous conferences, EMAN 2009: Environmental Accounting and Sustainable Development Indicators provided a forum for the dissemination and exchange of ideas related to the promotion of environmental and sustainability management on micro and macro levels through tools like environmental accounting and sustainable development indicators.


The EMAN 2009: EA-SDI conference was organized as part of the following projects:
“Indicators for Assessment and Modeling of Interaction between the Environment, Economy and Social Relationships” 2007–2011 funded by the Ministry of the Environment, and
“Macro-Economic Implications of Environmental Protection in the Course of Transformation of the Czech Republic”, 2007–2009 funded by the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The support is gratefully acknowledged!

Organizers would also like to thank the Regional Authority of the Usti Region for financial support.


EMAN 2009: EA-SDI conference was organized under the auspices of
Walter Radermacher, Eurostat Director General,
Martin Bursik, Minister of the Environment,
Jan Fischer, President of the Czech Statistical Office,
Iva Ritschelova, Rector of Jan Evangelista Purkyne University,
Jiri Malek, Rector of University of Pardubice,
Jan Kubata, Usti nad Labem city Mayor.

Target Groups

Among EMAN 2009: EA-SDI participants were government officials, policy experts, international representatives, accountants, statisticians, academics, researchers and Ph.D. students who work on environmental and sustainability issues.


Micro Perspective
- Corporate sustainability accounting,
- Corporate sustainability accounting tools,
- Corporate sustainability reporting,
- Corporate sustainability reporting tools,
- Environmental accounting best practices,
- Environmental benefit accounting,
- Latest developments and trends in environmental management accounting.

Macro Perspective
- Accounting of ecosystem stocks and services,
- Accounting of environmental activities and transactions,
- Carbon accounting,
- Damages, externalities and welfare: valuation, accounting and indicators,
- Ecological footprint accounting,
- Land use and land cover accounting,
- Material and energy flow accounting,
- Measurement of de-coupling and EKC testing,
- Water Framework Directive consequences,
- Environmental modeling.

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