Seminar 2004 – Programme

Session 1: Environmental Accounting - Overview of the Current Situation in the CR and EU

  1. Steurer: Environmental Accounting in EU: an Overview
  2. Drápal: Environmental Accounting at CSO
  3. Ritschelová, Sčasný: Environmental Accounting in the Czech Republic: an Overview of the Main Projects Completed and Ongoing in the Period 1996-2004
  4. Obršálová: Environmental Accounting at the Micro Level in the CR: an Overview

Session 2: Environmental Expenditure

  1. Steurer, Ritschelová: Environmental Protection Expenditure Account (EPEA)
  2. Tošovská: „Environmental Activities" and „Environmental Goods" - building Blocks of EPEA
  3. Sčasný: Environmentally-Related Levies within the National Accounting Framework
  4. Ritschelová, Krumpová, Převrátil: Statistical Survey on Environmental Expenditure in the CR - Development

Session 3: Resource and Material Flows Accounting

  1. Sčasný: Environmental Accounting on Natural Resources: Accounting Method and Valuation of Subsoil Assets in the Czech Republic.
  2. Kovanda: Economy-Wide Flow Indicators for the CR for 1990-2002.
  3. Farský, Neruda: Leontief´s Structural I-O Balance and Material Flow Accounts.
  4. Krčma: Case Study on a Regional Disaggregation of Used Domestic Extraction in the Czech Republic

Session 4: Environmental Accounting at the Micro Level

  1. Obršálová: Environmental Accounting at the Corporate Level
  2. Sommer, Jopková: German Experiences with Environmental Accounting at Micro Level

Session 5: Future Development

  1. Environmental Accounting Aplication: Future steps and Aims in 2005
  2. Minutes of the Session