Program of the Conference 2008

Preliminary program of the international scientific conference:

May 19, 2008
Registration of participants: 12.30 - 1.00 P.M.
1.    Introductory Presentations - representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, Masaryk University in Brno, the University of Pardubice, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, University of Economics in Prague, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Companies KAST, spol. s r.o. and RETON system s.r.o.
2.    Macro-level of Reporting Duties Fulfillment for EU Cross-sectional standards - Blanka Kapustová (Slovak Environmental Agency, Bánská Bystrice)
3.    Reporting about Segments under Conditions of Czech Companies - Bohuslava Knapová (University of Economics in Prague)
4.    Statistics of Water Resources Management - Miloslava Veselá (Czech Statistical Office)
5.    Modelling of GDP by the means of KLEM production function - Miroslav Farský, Iva Ritschelová, Egor Sidorov (Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem), Mgr. Jiří Iša (Charles University in Prague)
6.    Trend of Foreign Trade with Environmental Goods in Czech Republic - Iva Ritschelová, Egor Sidorov (Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem), Eva Tošovská (Economics Institute, ASCR)
7.    Proactive Labour Policy with Relation to the Eco-industry - Eva Tošovská (Economics Institute, ASCR), Iva Ritschelová (Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem)
8.    Efficiency of Environmental Policy Economic Instruments - Jana Soukopová, Barbora Kaplanová (Masaryk University in Brno)
9.    Application of 3E Methodology along with Evaluation of Environmental Protection Instruments - Jan Pavel (University of Economics in Prague)
10.    Possibilities of Macro-economic Simulation for Estimation of EDR Impacts - Leoš Vítek (University of Economics in Prague)
11.    Modelling in Econometrics for Environmental Management - Zuzana Chvátalová (Brno University of Technology)
12.    Reporting Standards of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Bussiness - Erik Geuss (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic)
13.    The Problematics of Material Flows on National and International Level - Světlana Svitáková (Ministry of the Environment)  
14.    Proposal of New Standard for Material Flow Cost Accounting - Miroslav Hájek (Ministry of the Environment), Zdeněk Suchánek (DHV spol. s r.o.)
15.    How to Measure Local Economy Cash Flows? Local Multiplier Presentation - Stanislav Kutáček (Economy and Society Trust, Brno)   
16.    Methodical Aspects of Efficiency Evaluation of Environmental Policy Implementation - Petr Šauer (University of Economics in Prague)
17.    Quality of Life Analysis in Term of Social and Cultural Sources in Regions of Czech Republic - Iva Živělová, Jaroslav Jánský (Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno)
18.    Disparity between Regions of Czech Rrepublic in Term of Natural Resources - Jaroslav Jánský, Iva Živělová, V. Kupčák, J. Pospíšil (Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno)
19.    Sustainable Development Indicators on Regional Level and Possibility of Simulation  - Ilona Obršálová (University of Pardubice)
20.    Web Portals for Indicators in Czech Republic and Worldwide - Accessibility and Quality Comparison -  Tomáš Hanáček, Karel Kisza, Matěj Štefaník, Jaroslav Ráček (Masaryk University in Brno)
21.    Analysis of EMS Branch Indicators according to NACE - Jiří Hřebíček, Karel Kisza, Matěj Štefaník, (Masaryk University in Brno)
22.    Environmental Reporting Information Quality in Companies of the South Moravian Region - Michal Hejč, Jiří Hřebíček (Masaryk University of Brno)
23.    Cost Externalization vs. Cost Internalization - "Hidden" Form of Globalisation Influence on Economical and Political World Control - Peter Sakál, Karol Hatiar, (Slovak University of Technology Bratislava), Thomas M. Cook (University of Iowa, USA)

6 P.M. - Welcome party - with wine-tasting (Reichberg)

May 20, 2008
9.30 A.M. - Visit of the International Fair concerned with the creation and protection of the environment "ENVIBRNO" and of the "VOD-KA" Exhibition (opening ceremony and accompanying programs)
7 P.M. - Social evening with live music (Mr. Radek Tomášek) and refreshment

May 21, 2008

Registration of participants: 8.30 - 9.00 A.M.

1.    Operational Program of the Environment - Jan Kříž (Ministry of the Environment)
2.    Support for Environmental Protection in Czech Republic and National Programs of SFE - Adam Helebrant, Radka Pokorná (Ministry of the Environment)
3.    Environmental or purely Energetic Taxes in Czech Republic - Karel Korba, Alena Koderová (Ministry of Finance)
4.    Ecological Tax Reform in the Czech Republic and its Realization - Jarmila Zimmermannová, Monika Nejedlá (Ministry of the Environment)
5.    Trade with Emission Permits after year 2012 - Ondřej Boreš (Ministry of the Environment)
6.    Are You Short of Emission Permits for Planned Investments? Possibilities of Emission Permits Compensation - Jaroslav Suchý (TECHNOEXPORT, a.s.)
7.    Economic View on Renewable Energy Sources and its Support - Vladimír Vlk (Ministry of the Environment)
8.    Problems of Charges and Costs Related with Fulfilment of "REACH" Regulation - Karel Bláha (Ministry of the Environment)
9.    CENIA - Czech Environmental Information Agency - Helena Kollarová (CENIA Prague)
10.    Biodiversity Indicators in Agriculture and Forestry and the European Environmental Policy in the Czech Republic (University of Economics in Prague)
11.    Voluntary Instruments of Environmental Policy in Term of Sustainable Development - Květoslava Remtová (University of Economics in Prague)
12.    Development of National Program Cleaner Production in Czech Republic - Pavel Růžička (Ministry of the Environment), Klára Najmanová (CENIA Prague)
13.    Use of Voluntary Agreements in Environmental Policy - Daniel Hájek (Ministry of the Environment)
14.    Green public procurement in the Slovak Republic - Soňa Záhoranová (Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic)
15.    Product Stewardship - Ladislav Špaček (Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic), Jaroslava Hyršlová (University of Economy and Management, Prague)
16.    Survey of Environmental Services in the Czech Republic - Jiří Študent (Czech Environment Management Center, Prague)
17.    Experience of KAST spol. s r.o. and RETON system s.r.o. Companies with Management System Implementation and Operation and with EU Environmental Law Implementation to the Practice in Czech Companies
18.    Economy - Ecology - Engineering - Elena Pop, Vasile Hotea, Aurica Pop, Irina Smical (North University of Baia Mare, Romania), Romulus Pop (S.C CUPROM SA Bucharest, Branch of Maia Mare, Romania)
19.    Economical Efficiency of Barsana Zeolitic Tuffs usage in Galvanizing Wastewaters Cleaning - Ana-Irina Smical, Vasile Hotea, Elena Pop (North University of Baia Mare, Romania)
20.    The Barsana Zeolitic Tuffs Efficiency of NH4+ Removal from Baia Mare Municipal Wastewaters - Ana-Irina Smical, Vasile Hotea, Elena Pop (North University of Baia Mare, Romania)
21.    Green Logistics and its Position in Firm- Mgr. Zuzana Marečková (Ekonomická univerzita Bratislava)
22.    Economic Evaluation of Investment project with the Solar Energy Utilization in Chosen Enterprise - Ivana Ďuricová, Martina Lorencová, Stanislav Hostin (MtF Slovak Technical University, Trnava)
23.    Use of Transport Assessment Methods in Business Practice - Jonas Mackevicius, (University of Vilnius), Martynas Novikovas (PricewaterhouseCoopers UAB, Vilnius)
24.    Evaluation of Waste Management of Transport Organization - Petr Škapa (VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava)
25.    The Communicationnal Effectiveness of Environmental Reporting - Wojciech A. Nowak (Accounting Department, Universty of Lodz, Poland)
26.    Actual Situation in Sustainable Development Reporting - results of worldwide survey KPMG - Peter Ľupták (KPMG Czech Republic)
27.    Non-financial Reporting as a Condition for Company's Sustainable Development - Stanislav Kužel (Czech Coal, a.s.)
28.    Trends in Values of Sustainable Development Indicators in Czech Coal Group (Mostecká uhelná a.s.)
29.    The current situation of Environmental reporting in Slovakia - Jana Chovancová, Miroslav Rusko (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)
30.    Evaluation of Environmental Communication and Environmental Reporting of Chemical Companies in Czech Republic - Jan Vávra (University of Pardubice)
31.    Information about EMAN-Global 2007 Conference - Miroslav Hájek (Ministry of the Environment)
32.    Company's Sustainability Accounting - Fundamental Basis for Creation of Methodology Standard ME CR - Jaroslava Hyršlová (University of Economy and Management, Prague)
33.    Accounting for carbon emissions in Australia - Roger L. Burritt (Australian National University)
34.    Practical Experience with EMA introduction in Slovakia - Ing. Viera Fecková, Ph.D. (SCPC, s.r.o. Bratislava)
35.    Application of Environmental manager accounting in small and middle companies - Ing. Lucia Liberková, Ing. Beta Hricová, RNDr. Miroslav Rusko (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)
36.    Selected Social Aspects of Sustainable Development in Chemical Company - Marie Bednaříková (University of Pardubice)

Concluding discussion and summary